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Three years ago, WEFLY was born out of a personal experience and a watershed in the world’s demography. The quick growth of the global population will add 2 billion mouths to feed by 2050, and that could be scary.

But the good news is that our dear Africa contain 65% of the arable and fertile land left in the world. In that, our next moves will determine the future of the food chain in the world.
When I realized that, I decided to get up to date with agriculture and learn how to farm… however, instead of becoming a cocoa farmer, a rubber farmer or any other type of commodities farmer, I decided to engage in another type of farming. The type of production that could help me, helps other producers simplify their job, and improve their life.
What started as a drone company, became something deeper, much more powerful, and inclusive. We are creating some entirely new standards of farmer convenience.
We want to offer a complete experience to our dear customers, help them produce smarter from anywhere, more easily selling their production and be empowered. We called it SAX, which stands for Smart Agriculture Experience.
SAX is more than software. It is a win-win cultural wave that will reveal to the world a different, more connected and self-sufficient Africa. We are simplifying the process of accessing to reliable information, from anywhere in the world. At WEFLY, we cultivate innovation and make it accessible to anyone and everyone.
Our engineering and product teams are solving some of the most difficult problems at the intersection of the physical and digital world. Africa is a land of opportunities, but also a land of challenges. We believe the bigger the challenge is, the better the reward will be for our continent, so together, we take them down, driven by our values: Passion, Innovation, Collaboration.
What already started to shake the industry, and this is not even 1% of our global vision.
Steeve Camara (my co-founder) and I planted a seed 3 years ago.. And with the help of our amazing team, we watered, took care of it with passion, determination and courage. Our roots are getting stronger. We had hope in that little seed, hope that it will one day become a tree and that this tree will be the first one in a forest.

Africa’s Rise used to be a far-fetched idea but the future isn’t far anymore. It’s NOW! Africa has a huge potential and it is our duty to activate that potential.

Joseph-Olivier BILEY
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